11 Plus Mock Exam Nov 2020 (Maths) Finished 22-11-2020 to 28-11-2020 Leader's Board

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What is 11 Plus Mock Exam Nov 2020 (Maths)

Are you a student? Learning Math? You can participate in this Math Challenge.

Any School Student can participate in Crawded online challenges. Hundreds of teachers use Crawded every day to help students like you. Crawded challenges are kind of extreme boot camps where hundreds of MCQs will be asked by our teacher’s community for 7 days.

As always, You don’t just get questions, there will be notes, videos, images and much more! Learn everything that you can during this Math Challenge Week. Ask any question to get instant help. Above all, these is your chance to EARN CASH SCHOLARSHIPS. Score in top ten, and get Rs. 2000 Scholarship towards your education.

7 days. Hundreds of MCQs. Thousands of students. Rs. 25000 for Scholarships to be claimed.

Ask-a-Question is a unique way for students to learn more during the challenge by asking their doubts. You will receive answers from hundreds of students within minutes.

Every correct answer will earn you 25 points. Even if you answer incorrect, remember, you are still learning something!

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  • Podar International schoolAhmedabad

  • Doon Blossom SchoolAhmedabad

  • Swastik Education CampusAhmedabad

  • Jesus and Mary Convent SchoolBaroda

  • Saraswati Education TrustValsad

  • C N VidhyalayaAhmedabad

  • Angel High SchoolAnand

  • J.P.Thakkar High SchoolAnand

  • St Xavier’s High SchoolChavdapura

  • Shri Swaminarayan VidyalayaAnand

  • H. M. Patel English Medium High SchoolDharmaj

  • CVM - R.P.T.P Higher SecondaryV.V.Nagar

  • St. Mary’sNadiad

  • D.N.High SchoolAnand

  • Charotar English Medium High SchoolAnand

  • Unique School of ScienceNadiad

  • St. Ursula High SchoolNadiad

What are Crawded Challenges

How good is your Math?

Compete in this Math Challenge and test your skills! This challenge is for students of Standard 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. Participate in this challenge, answer few MCQs everyday posted with the Tag "MathChallenge". Each correct answer will earn you few points. Crawded's Math Challenge is the best way for students to check their Math Skills. Learn series of concepts from text books and never stay behind in studies.

It just takes less than 10 minutes everyday to learn anything you want in Mathematics. There are thousands of students learning exact same problems and theorems. You don't have to study Alone!

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