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What is Nanotechnology Challenge

The term nanotechnology comes from the Greek word nanos, which means dwarf.

One nanometer (nm) is one millionth of a millimeter.
Imagine a soccer ball in relation to the earth.
The relationship between a nano-particle and the soccer ball is roughly the same.

Sounds interesting, right? Then the Nanotechnology Challenge is for you!

Participate in this 7 days challenge where you will learn all about Nanotechnology, the latest advancements and much more.

Nanotechnology is usually covered in different standards but mostly students of 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th standards will greatly benefit from this Nanotechnology Challenge on Crawded.

Participate Now in the Nanotechnology Challenge.

7 Days. Hundreds of videos, notes, stories and questions on Nanotechnology.
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Winners of
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  • Podar International schoolAhmedabad

  • Doon Blossom SchoolAhmedabad

  • Swastik Education CampusAhmedabad

  • Jesus and Mary Convent SchoolBaroda

  • Saraswati Education TrustValsad

  • C N VidhyalayaAhmedabad

  • Angel High SchoolAnand

  • J.P.Thakkar High SchoolAnand

  • St Xavier’s High SchoolChavdapura

  • Shri Swaminarayan VidyalayaAnand

  • H. M. Patel English Medium High SchoolDharmaj

  • CVM - R.P.T.P Higher SecondaryV.V.Nagar

  • St. Mary’sNadiad

  • D.N.High SchoolAnand

  • Charotar English Medium High SchoolAnand

  • Unique School of ScienceNadiad

  • St. Ursula High SchoolNadiad

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