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What is The Man Who Knew Infinity Challenge

Srinivasa Ramanujan  - to remember the forgotten genius, we at Crawded are opening up a small online challenge where few basic arithmetic and puzzle type questions will be asked. Not to mention, a movie has also been released recently depicting the story of the Genius Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan and all of you Math Lovers must watch it!

“He believed every equation was an expression of god”

This challenge is more like a test of reasoning than of knowledge, you don’t really need a PhD in Math, but you do need to be brutally smart.

Some more details on the “forgotten” genius Srinivasa Ramanujan

Having failed his degree because he could not concentrate on any subject other than maths, he lived in Madras on the brink of starvation, scribbling equations in chalk on the flagstones of the local temple because he could not afford paper. There he might have stayed were it not for the eminent Cambridge professor of mathematics, GH Hardy. Hardy recognised the young man’s brilliance and invited him to Trinity College, where they collaborated on a string of mathematical breakthroughs. In his all-too-brief life, Ramanujan is credited with independently compiling 3,900 results.

It’s an extraordinary story that is at last being brought to a wider audience, nearly a hundred years after Ramanujan’s death. The Man Who Knew Infinity stars Dev Patel as the Indian prodigy, with the great Jeremy Irons playing Hardy.

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  1. This Challenge does not contain Cash Scholarship Rewards.

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  • Podar International schoolAhmedabad

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  • Jesus and Mary Convent SchoolBaroda

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  • C N VidhyalayaAhmedabad

  • Angel High SchoolAnand

  • J.P.Thakkar High SchoolAnand

  • St Xavier’s High SchoolChavdapura

  • Shri Swaminarayan VidyalayaAnand

  • H. M. Patel English Medium High SchoolDharmaj

  • CVM - R.P.T.P Higher SecondaryV.V.Nagar

  • St. Mary’sNadiad

  • D.N.High SchoolAnand

  • Charotar English Medium High SchoolAnand

  • Unique School of ScienceNadiad

  • St. Ursula High SchoolNadiad

What are Crawded Challenges

As always, any school student can participate in this online challenge. We have asked few curious teachers to curate and post some related questions and unlike other Crawded Challenges, This challenge does not have a monetary scholarship and it’s not limited to 7 days schedule.

The purpose of this challenge is to bring awareness and respect to the Man of India who excelled at the field of Math that he deserves. So there might be some videos and extra notes also posted in the challenge.


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