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We are the bunch of passionate to share education platform to indian youth.

The Core Team

Mayur Macwan
Mayur Mcwan The Main Chief
Nitin Patel
Nitin Patel Techno Chief

Main Talent

V.K. Makwana
V.K.Makwana Adviser
Ronni Macwan
Ronni Macwan Marketing Head
Bhavin Bhavsar
Bhavin Bhavsar Digital Marketing Head
Kevin Pravasi
Kevin Pravasi Software Engineer
Ankur Macwan
Ankur Macwan Software Engineer
Ronak Makwana
Ronak Makwana Android Developer
Swapnil Parmar
Swapnil Parmar Android Developer
Rutvik Macwan
Rutvik Macwan Android Developer
Varun Barad Intern
Palak Parmar
Palak Parmar Software Engineer
Abhinav Macwan
Abhinav MacwanDigital Marketing(Intern)
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